Exmoor Safari

Exmoor National Park is most famous for its red deer and wild roaming Exmoor pony herds. These can be seen on North Hill, overlooking Minehead.

If you should be unlucky and miss these, then to almost guarantee seeing these majestic animals, along with a good dose of exciting adventure thrown in, then click on the link below for the Land Rover Discovery safaris.

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Red Stag Safari


Car-Less Exploration

Would you like the opportunity to meet local people, see parts of Minehead and Exmoor that might otherwise be missed and have a wonderful relaxing stress-free day? All this for the price of a ticket? Then leave the car in Minehead and explore Exmoor by public transport – a relaxing and environmentally friendly way to travel!

If you want to go to a certain point on Exmoor and public transport is not available, or for those who want to transport bikes, the the Moor Rover service is just right for you. Let them drive you up onto the Moor, so the rest of the day can be spent cycling or walking gently back to Beachside Suites. The service is bookable from the day before travel and is subject to availability. Luggage and dogs can also be accepted.

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Explore moor with interactive map, Moor Rover.

Exmoor villages

Villages and Hamlets

Located in Exmoor, close to Minehead, are the delightful villages of Selworthy (Four miles away), Allerford (Six miles away) and Bossington (Six miles away).

Selworthy is a good walk from Beachside Suites, with a duration of some two hours, depending on fitness levels. The walk takes in the lovely views from North Hill and the surrounding countryside.

At Selworthy, part of the 12,000 acre Holnicote estate, there can be found thatched cottages around a village green and a refreshing tea room – ideal for cream teas before the journey back to Minehead.

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Holnicote Estate